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Award-winning Support and Consultative Services
We are dedicated to Service and Customer Success. The global Customer Support team attained best-in-class recognition through Omega Management Group’s Omega North Face Award for superior customer satisfaction scores during 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Get Answers 24/7
If you manage Ovid's software products for your organization, Ovid has technical support resources available to help answer your questions. We've provided some basic support information - such as system requirements, implementation materials, documentation, or tech tips - right here, online.

For more difficult questions or inquiries please search our Knowledge Community - it's comprised of common questions that have been submitted to our Technical Support team from users like you from across the globe. Or, simply email us directly.

To better serve you, Ovid offers 24 hour worldwide technical support. Any time you have a technical issue, such as a problem logging in or accessing your Ovid resources, a Technical Support engineer will be available to answer your call. Learn more about Ovid's 24/7 commitment.

Knowledge Community

For more difficult questions or inquiries please search our Knowledge Community - it's comprised of common questions that have been submitted to our Technical Support team from users like you from across the globe. Or, simply email us directly.

About Jumpstarts

You can use this utility to create a JumpStart URL for use on your homepage - it will take the user to the Table of Contents of their particular journal or book.

Automatically generate a JumpStart URL for

Jumpstart FAQs

Still have questions? Below is a list of most common questions around Ovid Jumpstarts.

Do Ovid's jumpstarts expire?
No, jumpstarts in Ovid do not expire.

Can I link to ANY page in Ovid?
While the Ovid jumpstart technology allows you to link virtually any place within Ovid, Ovid's Email Jumpstart feature allows you to create links to Full text articles, saved searches, a Journal issue list, an Issue's TOC or a browseable category. For additional links or link options, please contact your customer support representative or consult your Ovid user guide for more information on jumpstarts.

How do I save a link to the article I was just reading?
From the article you can click on the "Email Jumpstart" button. From there you once you create a jumpstart you can either cut/paste the displayed link on the "Email Jumpstart" screen OR you can email yourself the link to use at a later date.

I want to construct a link to a particular journal-can I make a link to the latest table of contents? To an Issue List?
At this point you can construct a link to any journal issue's table of contents. To do this, simply navigate to the journal issue you'd like to link to. From the Table of Contents, click on the "Email Jumpstart" button. From there you once you create a jumpstart you can either cut/paste the displayed link on the "Email Jumpstart" screen OR you can email yourself the link to use at a later date. Similarly if you want to create a link to a particular issue list, simply navigate to the desired issue list and click the "Email Jumpstart" button.
NOTE: this link will go back to the Table of Contents you were at, NOT the latest. So, if in the time between creating the jumpstart and using the link a new issue has been added, you will not link to that TOC. It might be a better option to create a link to the issue list instead.

I have this really great saved search--can I make a link that executes the search and posts the results?
Absolutely! From the saved search screen, simply select the search you'd like to link to and click the "Email Jumpstart" button. Using this link you can rerun this search at any time and go directly to the titles display.

I normally login without being asked for an Ovid id/password. How do I login with my email jumpstart?
The jumpstart is a "shortcut" to logging in. You will still follow your usual method of logging in to Ovid. For example, if you normally login to Ovid without being asked for an ID/Password, you are probably IP validated. In that case, your jumpstart will log you into Ovid as normal.
If you normally login to Ovid using a non-Ovid id/password (e.g. Network ID, SSN, Library Card), please have your local Administrator contact Ovid Technical Support to discuss custom validation options.

I log into Ovid Web Ovid using EZ Proxy or other proxy server. Can I still create jumpstarts that will allow me to bypass the login screen even though I'm using a Proxy? Yes. Your local Ovid Administrator can request Ovid Technical Support to add Proxy settings for all Email Jumpstarts. Or, you can edit the emailed Jumpstart and add the Proxy settings. Please consult with your Proxy administrator for details on adding Proxy settings to URL's.

Download PDF of complete Jumpstart documentation for Administrators

If you are authenticated on IP address or if you have a valid username and password for your institute, you can directly obtain a list of your current database short-name codes! Click here to get your codes.

If you have any questions about the codes on this page, please contact:

Database Name & Shortcut
A-V Online (1900 to  Present) avol
ACP Smart Medicine acps
AGRICOLA (1970 to Present) agra
AGRIS (1975 to 1985) ars1
AGRIS (1975 to Present) arsf
AGRIS (1986 to 1990) ars2
AGRIS (1991 to 1998) ars3
AGRIS (1991 to Present) ars4
AGRIS (1999 to Present) aris
AMED (Allied and Complementary Medicine) (1985 to Present) amed
ATLA Religion Database + ATLAS (1949 to Present) atlas
ATLA Religion Database (1949 to Present) atla
Additional Content addc
Adis Journals@Ovid adisovft
Agricultural Economics (1910 to Present ) caez
Agricultural Economics (1973 to Present ) cacf
Agricultural Economics Archive (1910 to 1972) cage0
All EBM Reviews - Cochrane DSR, ACP Journal Club, DARE, CCTR, CMR, HTA, and NHSEED ebmz
Analytical Abstracts (1980 to Present   5) anab
Anatomy Reference Center aman13
Anatomy Reference Center aman14
Anatomy Reference Center amanat
Animal Production (1910 to Present ) caaz
Animal Production (1973 to Present ) caaf
Animal Production Archive (1910 to 1972) cabe0
Atheneu Books amigo
BIOSIS Previews (1969 to Present ) biopfz
BIOSIS Previews (1969 to Present ) b14oz
BIOSIS Previews (1980 to Present ) b14o80
BIOSIS Previews (1985 to Present ) b14o85
BIOSIS Previews (1987 to Present ) b14o87
BIOSIS Previews (1989 to Present ) b14o89
BIOSIS Previews (1990 to Present ) b14o90
BIOSIS Previews (1991 to Present ) b14o91
BIOSIS Previews (1992 to Present ) b14o92
BIOSIS Previews (1993 to Present ) b14o93
BIOSIS Previews (1994 to Present ) b14o94
BIOSIS Previews (1995 to Present ) b14o95
BIOSIS Previews (1996 to Present ) b14o96
BIOSIS Previews (1997 to Present ) b14o97
BIOSIS Previews (1998 to Present ) b14o98
BIOSIS Previews (1999 to Present ) b14o99
BIOSIS Previews (2000 to Present ) b14o00
BIOSIS Previews (2001 to Present ) b14o01
BIOSIS Previews (2002 to Present ) b14o02
BIOSIS Previews (2003 to Present ) b14o03
BIOSIS Previews (2004 to Present ) b14o04
BIOSIS Previews (2005 to Present ) b14o05
BIOSIS Previews (2006 to Present ) b14o06
BIOSIS Previews (2007 to Present ) b14o07
BIOSIS Previews (2008 to Present ) b14o08
BIOSIS Previews (2009 to Present ) b14o09
BIOSIS Previews (2010 to Present ) b14o10
BIOSIS Previews (2011 to Present ) b14o11
BIOSIS Previews (2012 to Present ) b14o12
BIOSIS Previews (2013 to Present ) b14o13
BIOSIS Previews (Current Year ) biop
BIOSIS Previews Archive (1926 to 1944) biopr1
BIOSIS Previews Archive (1926 to 1968) bioprc
BIOSIS Previews Archive (1945 to 1954) biopr2
BIOSIS Previews Archive (1955 to 1968) biopr3
BIOSIS Previews and Biological Abstracts (1991 to Present ) b14om
Biological Abstracts (1969 to Present) b14zz
Biological Abstracts (1975 to Present) b14a75
Biological Abstracts (1980 to Present) b14az
Biological Abstracts (1983 to Present) b14a83
Biological Abstracts (1985 to Present) b14a85
Biological Abstracts (1987 to Present) b14a87
Biological Abstracts (1988 to Present) b14a88
Biological Abstracts (1989 to Present) b14a89
Biological Abstracts (1990 to Present) b14a90
Biological Abstracts (1991 to Present) b14a91
Biological Abstracts (1992 to Present) b14a92
Biological Abstracts (1993 to Present) b14a93
Biological Abstracts (1994 to Present) b14a94
Biological Abstracts (1995 to Present) b14a95
Biological Abstracts (1996 to Present) b14a96
Biological Abstracts (1997 to Present) b14a97
Biological Abstracts (1998 to Present) b14a98
Biological Abstracts (1999 to Present) b14a99
Biological Abstracts (2000 to Present) b14a00
Biological Abstracts (2001 to Present) b14a01
Biological Abstracts (2002 to Present) b14a02
Biological Abstracts (2003 to Present) b14a03
Biological Abstracts (2004 to Present) b14a04
Biological Abstracts (2005 to Present) b14a05
Biological Abstracts (2006 to Present) b14a06
Biological Abstracts (2007 to Present) b14a07
Biological Abstracts (2008 to Present) b14a08
Biological Abstracts (2009 to Present) b14a09
Biological Abstracts (2010 to Present) b14a10
Biological Abstracts (2011 to Present) b14a11
Biological Abstracts (2012 to Present) b14a12
Biological Abstracts (2013 to Present) b14a13
Biological Abstracts (Current Year) bioba
Biological Abstracts Archive (1926 to 1944) biobar1
Biological Abstracts Archive (1926 to 1968) biobarc
Biological Abstracts Archive (1945 to 1954) biobar2
Biological Abstracts Archive (1955 to 1968) biobar3
Biological Abstracts and Biological Abstracts/RRM (1993 to 1998) bior
Biological Abstracts/RRM (1989 to Present) b14rz
Biological Abstracts/RRM (1992 to Present) b14r92
Biological Abstracts/RRM (1993 to Present) b14r93
Biological Abstracts/RRM (1994 to 2013) b13r94
Biological Abstracts/RRM (1994 to Present) b14r94
Biological Abstracts/RRM (1995 to Present) b14r95
Biological Abstracts/RRM (1996 to Present) b14r96
Biological Abstracts/RRM (1997 to Present) b14r97
Biological Abstracts/RRM (1998 to Present) b14r98
Biological Abstracts/RRM (1999 to Present) b14r99
Biological Abstracts/RRM (2000 to Present) b14r00
Biological Abstracts/RRM (2001 to Present) b14r01
Biological Abstracts/RRM (2002 to Present) b14r02
Biological Abstracts/RRM (2003 to Present) b14r03
Biological Abstracts/RRM (2004 to Present) b14r04
Biological Abstracts/RRM (2005 to Present) b14r05
Biological Abstracts/RRM (2006 to Present) b14r06
Biological Abstracts/RRM (2007 to Present) b14r07
Biological Abstracts/RRM (2008 to Present) b14r08
Biological Abstracts/RRM (2009 to Present) b14r09
Biological Abstracts/RRM (2010 to Present) b14r10
Biological Abstracts/RRM (2011 to Present) b14r11
Biological Abstracts/RRM (2012 to Present) b14r12
Biological Abstracts/RRM (2013 to Present) b14r13
Biological Abstracts/RRM (Current Year) biobr
Books books
Bowker's Books in Print (1995 to Present) bbip
Bowker's Publisher Authority Database bpad
CAB Abstracts (1910 to 1989) cabd
CAB Abstracts (1910 to Present ) cabz
CAB Abstracts (1973 to 1989) cabb
CAB Abstracts (1973 to Present ) caba
CAB Abstracts (1984 to Present ) cabc
CAB Abstracts (1990 to Present ) cabn
CAB Abstracts (2000 to Present ) cabf
CAB Abstracts Archive (1910 - 1972) caba0
Clin-eguide cro
Clinical Evidence clev
Clinical Trials Insight (1990 to Present) cti
Commentaries/Clinical Updates ahad
Crop Science (1910 to Present ) croz
Crop Science (1973 to Present ) copf
Crop Science Archive (1910 to 1972) crop0
Current Contents/Agri, Bio, Environ Sci (2013  week 25 to Present) agri
Current Contents/Agri, Clin, Life (1997 week 01 to Present) ccacl
Current Contents/All Editions (1993 week 27 to Present) ccall
Current Contents/All Editions (1996 week 27 to Present) ccall96
Current Contents/All Editions (1997 week  27 to Present) ccall97
Current Contents/All Editions (1998 week 27 to Present) ccall98
Current Contents/All Editions (1999 week 27 to Present) ccall99
Current Contents/All Editions (2000 week  27 to Present) ccall00
Current Contents/All Editions (2001 week  27 to Present) ccall01
Current Contents/Arts & Humanities (1993 week 43 to Present) arts
Current Contents/Clinical Medicine (2013 week 25 to Present) clin
Current Contents/Engineering & Technology (2013 week 25 to Present) tech
Current Contents/Life Sciences (2013 week 25 to Present) life
Current Contents/Life, Agri, Phys (2013 week  25 to Present) cclap
Current Contents/Phys,Chem,Earth Sci (2013 week  25 to Present) phys
Current Contents/Science Edition (1996  week 01 to Present) ccse
Current Contents/Science Edition (1999 week 01 to Present) ccse99
Current Contents/Social & Behavioral Sci (2013  25 to Present) beha
Derwent Drug File (1964 to Present) derd
Dissertation Abstracts (1861 to 1989) disb
Dissertation Abstracts (1861 to  2007) diss
Dissertation Abstracts (1990 to  2007) disf
Drug Information Full Text dift
Drugline (English Only) (1974 to Present) dren
Drugline (English and Swedish) (1974 to Present) drug
EBM Reviews - ACP Journal Club (1991 to Present) acp
EBM Reviews - Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials cctr
EBM Reviews - Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (2005 to Present) coch
EBM Reviews - Cochrane Methodology Register  clcmr
EBM Reviews - Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects dare
EBM Reviews - Health Technology Assessment  clhta
EBM Reviews - NHS Economic Evaluation Database  cleed
EBM Reviews - Pre-Cochrane Trial Database of Systematic Reviews  precoch
EBM Reviews Full Text - Cochrane DSR, ACP Journal Club, and DARE ebmy
EIRA Journals@Ovid eiraovft
ERIC (1965 to Present) eric
ERIC (1982 to Present) erib
ERIC (1992 to Present) eric3
Econlit (1886 to Present) econ
Ei Compendex*Plus (1970 to 1979) cdex1
Ei Compendex*Plus (1970 to Present) cdxz
Ei Compendex*Plus (1980 to Present) cdxb
Ei Compendex*Plus (1987 to Present) cdex
Ei Compendex*Plus (1990 to Present) cdexx
Elsevier Geography (2000 to Present) elgo2
Elsevier Geography elgo1
Elsevier Geography elgo
Embase (1974 to 1979) emcl2
Embase (1974 to Present) oemezd
Embase (1974 to Present) oemez
Embase (1980 to 1987) emeb
Embase (1980 to Present) emezd
Embase (1980 to Present) emez
Embase (1988 to 1995) emem
Embase (1988 to Present) emedd
Embase (1988 to Present) emed
Embase (1989 to Present) embvd
Embase (1989 to Present) embv
Embase (1996 to Present) emefd
Embase (1996 to Present) emef
Embase Classic (1947 to 1973) emcl1
Embase Classic (1947 to 1979) emcl
Embase Classic+Embase (1947 to Present) emczd
Embase Classic+Embase (1947 to Present) emcz
Embase Daily Alerts  emda
Embase weekly Alerts (2014/04/07-2014/06/02) emwe
Environmental Science (1973 to Present ) caqf
FIAF Databases (5) fiaf
FIAF Affiliates Publications (1966 to 2010) bfmp
FIAF - Film/TV Documentation Collections idft
FIAF - International Index to Film Periodicals (1972 to Present) iifp
FIAF - International Index to TV Periodicals (1979 to 2006) iitp
FIAF - List of Periodicals Indexed lopi
FOODLINE MARKET (1982 to Present) foma
FOODLINE SCIENCE (1972 to Present) frsp
FRANCIS (1972 to 1999) fncb
FRANCIS (1972 to Present) fncs
FRANCIS (2000 to Present) fncf
FRANCIS (2004 to Present) fncr
Food Science and Technology Abstracts (1969 to 1989) fsta1
Food Science and Technology Abstracts (1969 to Present) fsta
Food Science and Technology Abstracts (1990 to Present) fsta2
Forest Science (1939 to Present ) cafz
Forest Science (1973 to Present ) caff
Forest Science Archive (1939 to 1972) cafo0
GEOBASE (1980 to Present) elgez
GEOBASE (1990 to Present) elgeg
GEOBASE (1994 to Present) elgef
GEOBASE (2004 to Present) elge
GeoRef (1666 to 1979) gref1
GeoRef (1666 to July  02Present) gref
GeoRef (1980 to 1989) gref2
GeoRef (1990 to 2001) gref3
GeoRef (2002 to July  02Present) gref4
GeoRef's InProcess inpr
GeoRef's Serials gser
Global Health (1910 to Present ) cagz
Global Health (1973 to Present ) cagf
Global Health Archive (1910 to 1972) cagh0
HMIC Health Management Information Consortium (1979 to Present) hmic
Health and Psychosocial Instruments (1985 to Present) hapi
Horticultural Science (1910 to Present ) choz
Horticultural Science (1973 to Present ) chof
Horticultural Science Archive (1910 to 1972) chor0
ICONDA (1976 to Present) icon
IEEE Biomedical Library (1988 to 2007  37) ibel
Imaging Reference Center amirsys
Inspec (1969 to Present ) insz
Inspec (1987 to Present ) insp
Inspec Archive - Science Abstracts (1898 to 1968) insa
International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (1970 to Present) ipab
International Political Science Abstract (1989 to Present) ipsa
The Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database  jbi
Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database - Aged Care jbia
Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database - Burns Care jbib
Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database - Cancer Care jbicc
Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database - Chronic Disease jbicd
Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database - Diagnostic Imaging jbid
Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database - Emergency & Trauma jbie
Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database - General Medicine jbig
Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database - Health Management & Assessment jbih
Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database - Infection Control jbii
Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database - Mental Health jbimh
Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database - Midwifery Care jbimc
Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database - Paediatrics jbip
Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database - Rehabilitation jbir
Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database - Surgical Services jbis
Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database - Tropical and Infectious Disease jbit
Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database - Wound Healing and Management jbiw
Journals@Ovid (Pay Per View) ppvovft
Journals@Ovid (all LWW) lwwovft
Journals@Ovid Full Text ovft
Maternity and Infant Care (1971 to Present) mwic
MedCases medcases
MedCases Cardiology medcd
MedCases Family Practice medfp
MedCases General Surgery medgs
MedCases Internal Medicine medim
MedCases Obstetrics and Gynecology medog
MedCases Pediatrics medpe
Mental Measurements Yearbook (1st to  Present) mmyb
Mental Measurements Yearbook and Test In Print (1st to Present) mmybt
NASW Clinical Register (14th Edition) clre
NTIS (1964 to Present) ntis
NTIS (1983 to Present) ntsf
Natural Standard natural
New Product Focus (1982 to December 2006) drl
Northern Light Life Sciences Conference Abstracts (2010 -Present ) dscv
Nursing@Ovid ovdnurse
Ovid Healthstar (1966 to 1998) hstb
Ovid Healthstar (1966 to Present) hstr
Ovid Healthstar (1999 to Present) hstf
Ovid Healthstar Corrections ohstc
Ovid MEDLINE(R) -- Breast Cancer (1995 to   Present) brcn
Ovid MEDLINE(R) -- Depression and Bipolar Disorder (1995 to   Present) dpbd
Ovid MEDLINE(R) 1946 to Present with Daily Update mesd
Ovid MEDLINE(R) (1946 to 1979) med1
Ovid MEDLINE(R) (1946 to   Present) mesz
Ovid MEDLINE(R) (1980 to 1987) med2
Ovid MEDLINE(R) (1988 to 1995) med3
Ovid MEDLINE(R) (1996 to 2003) med4
Ovid MEDLINE(R) (1996 to   Present) mdfc
Ovid MEDLINE(R) (1996 to Present with Daily Update) mdxc
Ovid MEDLINE(R) (2004 to 2009) med5
Ovid MEDLINE(R) (2010 to   Present) medl
Ovid MEDLINE(R) Corrections medc
Ovid MEDLINE(R) Daily Update mesx
Ovid MEDLINE(R) Daily and Ovid MEDLINE(R) Epub Ahead of Print, In-Process & Other Non-Indexed Citations (1946 to Present) ppez
Ovid MEDLINE(R) In-Process & Other Non-Indexed Citations prem
Ovid MEDLINE(R) In-Process & Other Non-Indexed Citations and Ovid MEDLINE (R) (1996 to Present) pmfc
Ovid MEDLINE(R) In-Process & Other Non-Indexed Citations and Ovid MEDLINE (R) without Revisions (1996 to Present) prmf
Ovid MEDLINE(R) In-Process & Other Non-Indexed Citations and Ovid MEDLINE(R) (1946 to Present) prmz
Ovid MEDLINE(R) In-Process & Other Non-Indexed Citations, Ovid MEDLINE(R) Daily and Ovid MEDLINE(R) (1946 to Present) pmez
Ovid MEDLINE(R) In-Process & Other Non-Indexed Citations, Ovid MEDLINE(R) Daily, Ovid MEDLINE(R) and Ovid OLDMEDLINE(R) (1946 to Present) pmoz
Ovid MEDLINE(R) In-Process & Other Non-Indexed Citations, Ovid MEDLINE(R) and Ovid OLDMEDLINE(R) (1946 to Present) pomm
Ovid MEDLINE(R) Practice Database pmed
Ovid MEDLINE(R) and Ovid OLDMEDLINE(R) (1946 to   Present) omme
Ovid MEDLINE(R) and Ovid OLDMEDLINE(R) (1946 to Present with Daily Update) omes
Ovid MEDLINE(R) without Revisions (1946 to 1995) medb
Ovid MEDLINE(R) without Revisions (1946 to   Present) mezz
Ovid MEDLINE(R) without Revisions (1996 to   Present) medf
Ovid MEDLINE(R) without Revisions (1996 to Present with Daily Update) medx
Ovid Nursing Database (1946 to Present) ovrn
Ovid OLDMEDLINE(R) (1946 to 1965) medo
OvidMD omdlink
Ovid ovid
PASCAL (1984 to Present) pasf
PASCAL (2004 to Present) pasr
PASCAL (2009 to Present) pasc
PSYNDEXplus Databases (PSYNDEXplus Literature and Audiovisual Media and PSYNDEX plus Tests) pskz
PSYNDEXplus Literature and Audiovisual Media (1977 to Present) psyn
PSYNDEXplus Tests (1945 to December 2013) pskm
Parasitology (1910 to Present ) capz
Parasitology (1973 to Present ) capf
Parasitology Archive (1910 to 1972) capa0
Patent Focus (1994 to Present) pti
Pathology Reference Center ampa13
Pathology Reference Center ampath
Pathology Reference Center ampa14
Pay Per View Journals@Ovid utilppvovft
Petroleum Abstracts(R) TULSA Database (1965 to Present/06  1) ptlm
Plant Genetics and Breeding (1910 to Present ) cgez
Plant Genetics and Breeding (1973 to Present ) cgef
Plant Genetics and Breeding Archive (1910 to 1972) cgen0
Plant Protection (1910 to Present ) cbuz
Plant Protection (1973 to Present ) cbuf
Plant Protection Archive (1910 to 1972) cbug0
PsycARTICLES Full Text paovft
PsycBOOKS (1806 to Present) psbk
PsycCRITIQUES (1956 to Present) pscr
PsycEXTRA (1908 to Present) psye
PsycINFO (1806 to   Present) psyh
PsycINFO (1967 to   Present) psyb
PsycINFO (1987 to   Present) psyf
PsycINFO (2002 to   Present) psya
PsycINFO (2008 to   Present) psyc
PsycTESTS (1910 to Present) psyt
R & D Focus (1993 to Present) rdf
R & D Insight (1994 to Present) rdi
Reactions Pharmacovigilance Insight (1980 to Present) arpi
Social Policy and Practice sopp
Social Work Abstracts (1968 to Present) swab
Soil Science (1910 to Present ) csoz
Soil Science (1973 to Present ) csof
Soil Science Archive (1910 to 1972) csod0
Technical Support Database tsd
The MANTIS Database (1880 to Present) chir
The Philosopher's Index (1940 to December 2013) phil
The Point thepoint
Transplant Library trli
Transport Database (1988 to Present) tspt
Transport Database tspz
Transport Database tsp1
Treasures from the Film Archives trfa
Tropag & Rural Database (1975 to December 2013) trag
Veterinary Science (1910 to Present ) cavz
Veterinary Science (1973 to Present ) cavf
Veterinary Science Archive (1910 to 1972) cavt0
Your Journals@Ovid yrovft
Zoological Record (1978 to Present) z14rf
Zoological Record (1985 to Present) z14r85
Zoological Record (1993 to Present) z14r93
Zoological Record (1997 to Present) z14r97
Zoological Record (2000 to Present) z14r00
Zoological Record (2001 to Present) z14r01
Zoological Record (2002 to Present) z14r02
Zoological Record (2003 to Present) z14r03
Zoological Record (2004 to Present) z14r04
Zoological Record (2005 to Present) z14r05
Zoological Record (2006 to Present) z14r06
Zoological Record (2008 to Present) z14r08
Zoological Record (2009 to Present) z14r09
Zoological Record (2010 to Present) z14r10
Zoological Record (2011 to Present) z14r11
Zoological Record (2012 to Present) z14r12
Zoological Record (2013 to Present) z14r13
Zoological Record (Current Year) zoor
Zoological Record Archive (1864 to 1944) zoorr1
Zoological Record Archive (1864 to 1977) zoorrc
Zoological Record Archive (1945 to 1977) zoorr2

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If your network configuration requires detailing specific names, please review the following entries. If you whitelist * then there is no need to add these specific targets. Whitelisting the CNAMES (* and * or * will be sufficient for many customers.


Network traffic between Ovid and your site
All network traffic from Ovid to your site should be in response to requests which users have generated. Thus, if your site is using a stateful packet inspection (SPI) firewall, you should not have to open any ports on your firewall. Email is the exception, and you should allow TCP/25 from the address ranges listed below.

Should you use a non-SPI firewall, you will need to allow ephemeral (high numbered) TCP port access from the following IP address ranges. In order to allow Ovid the ability to expand/upgrade service without impacting connectivity, the entire range should be allowed.

  • 160.109.106.x
  • 160.109.107.x
  • 160.109.108.x
  • 160.109.109.x
  • 160.109.112.x
  • 160.109.113.x
  • 160.109.114.x
  • 160.109.98.x
  • ( -

To ensure proper delivery of email, customers are encouraged to explicitly whitelist our mail server IP addresses and e-mail accounts:,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Note about Blacklists
As protection against spam, it's common for companies to enlist the use of "blacklists". Blacklists are lists maintained by independent organizations containing addresses of mail servers believed to be used to produce spam. Ovid's mail server and the IP addresses used to send alerts included above, at times can inadvertently get listed on these blacklists. This happens because our alert system is quite popular by our customers and as such, produces enough emails that it can occasionally be mistaken for spam distribution. Unfortunately, for customers who haven't explicitly listed our mail server IP as valid, the blacklist causes their mail server to reject connections from our mail server.

Once Ovid learns of any inadvertent blacklisting, we have the IP removed from the blacklists, however we can't guarantee it won't end up back on them at some point in the future. To avoid problems with email delivery for users of Ovid's AutoAlert and email functions, we strongly recommend our customers add the ranges above to be explicitly whitelisted.

If you have any questions, please contact your Ovid Technical Support team.

*Last Updated April 2019

Phone Technical Support

Ovid's 24/7 support commitment is made possible by the addition of new 24-hour Technical Support phone numbers. Calling these numbers after local business hours routes your call to a representative in the office that is currently open. To speak with a representative from your regional office, you must call during that office's normal business hours. Note that this 24 hour service is for technical support issues only: sales, customer service, and other questions should continue to be made to your local office during normal business hours.

Ovid is a global company, with technical support engineers available in sales offices around the world. Contact us during normal business hours: Monday- Friday 8:30am - 8:00pm EST, but if your call is received outside business hours it will be routed to an open office in another time zone.

North and South America

  • US and Canada: 877.247.OVID (6843)
  • Latin America: 781.501.1002

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

  • United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Mediterranean: +44 (0) 203 197 6660
  • Benelux, the Nordic countries, the Middle East, and Africa: +31 (0)172 469 812
  • Germany, Central and Eastern Europe: +49 3085 77 99 66
  • France and North Africa: +33 (0) 149 964 271
  • Italy: +39 051 588 0717
  • Spain: +34 91 418 62 91

Asia Pacific

  • Australia: 1.800.246.473
  • China, Malaysia, Philippines, Macau: 00 800 2476 8438
  • Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand: 001 800 2476 8438
  • India: 1800 108 2980
  • Japan: (KDD) 001 800 2476 8438
  • Japan: (MYLINE/MYLINE PLUS) 010 800 2476 8438
  • Japan: (Cable & Wireless IDC) 0061 800 2476 8438
  • Japan: (Japan Telecom) 0041 800 2476 8438
  • New Zealand: 00 800 2476 8438
  • Singapore: Singtel IDD 001 800 2476 8438
  • Singapore: MobileOne IDD 002 800 2476 8438
  • Singapore: Starhub IDD 008 800 2476 8438
  • Singapore: Singtel BudgetCall 013 800 2476 8438
  • Singapore: Starhub I-Call (Voice over IP) 018 800 2476 8438
  • Singapore: Singtel V019 (Voice over IP) 019 800 2476 8438
  • Taiwan: 002 800 2476 8438

Email Technical Support

Assisting our customers is a primary concern, and Ovid recognizes that not every problem occurs during normal business hours. That is why Ovid offers 24 hour worldwide technical support for our customers. Now, any time you have a technical issue, such as a problem logging in or accessing your Ovid resources, a Technical Support engineer will be available to assist you.

Still need answers? Email tech support directly and we’ll be sure to respond within 3-5 business days.