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Ovid Online Training

Whether you're a first-time Ovid customer or an experienced user, Ovid's training and help options can make using Ovid products smooth and efficient. Ovid offers novice, intermediate, and advanced workshops to help you and your organization get the most out of your Ovid experience. Can't find what you're looking for? Visit the Resource Center or email for additional information.

Live Sessions

Our Trainers are conducting real time, live online sessions to assist you with searching techniques on the Ovid interface. These sessions last an hour or less and give you the opportunity to interact with Ovid's Trainers. Register below for one of our online courses.

Pre-Recorded Sessions

Does your hectic schedule make it difficult to attend one of our scheduled online training courses? Our pre-recorded webex sessions are accessible online 24 hours a day. The courses can be paused, restarted, fast forwarded and replayed. You will be able to see the interface screens and hear the trainer's instruction just as you would in live instructor-led sessions.

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Introduction to Ovid
Introduction to Ovid (40 min)
Designed for novice users or experienced users who may need a refresher on Ovid. This course will highlight the features and functionality of the Ovid interface. It will review the various search modes that are available on Ovid and how to work with the results from those searches (i.e. printing, emailing and exporting the records). Available in other languages
Benefits of Ovid Training
Learn more about free platform and content training options offered by Ovid and available to all customers. Contact your Ovid Representative or the Ovid Training Team to schedule free personalized training today!
Ovid Intermediate/Advanced Courses
My Projects (30 min)
It is recommended that you take the "Introduction to Ovid" class prior to the classes listed in this section. This course introduces and demonstrates the My Projects functionality in Ovid   a dedicated work area to store, organize, and manage research projects and documents, including citations, full text, images, URLs, and more. Available in other languages
Basic Search on Ovid (30 min)
This class covers all aspects of the Basic Search Mode in Ovid. A series of examples are used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Basic Search function (this is not just for beginners but also for more advanced users). Natural Language, Related Terms and Relevancy are just a few of the search strategies that are discussed in detail during this session. Available in other languages
Ovid Advanced Search (22 min)
This course covers Advanced Search including building a search, an overview of searching with subject headings, Explode/Focus, keyword searching, combining and using limits, results options and how to save your search.
Introduction to Command Line Searching (50 min)
Expand your search efficiency and precision through the use of Command Line language. This course includes a detailed explanation of Boolean and positional operators, truncation and wildcards, the use of brackets, as well as the most popular quick search commands.
Creating AutoAlerts and eTOCs (30 min)
Learn how to create, configure, edit, and delete a current awareness search, known as an AutoAlert, from an Ovid search strategy. Autoalerts can be configured to automatically deliver the latest search results via email, RSS feed, and/or directly into My Projects at time intervals of your choice. Also learn to create and manage eTOCs (electronic Table of Contents) deliverable via email or RSS feed to keep up with the latest articles in any of the 2800+ journals in the Journals@Ovid database.
Database/Resource-Specific Courses
MEDLINE (30 min)
The course will highlight the unique structure of this database (including MeSH and the Tree) and includes a detailed review of specific limits, fields and search tips for this resource.
Special techniques in MEDLINE (9 min)
Learn more about searching using the NLM’s Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), floating subheadings, and implementing specific limits such as clinical queries, MEDLINE, Publication types and Limits.
Introduction to EMBASE (30 min)
Course highlights the unique structure of this database (including Emtree and the Thesaurus) and includes a detailed review of specific limits, fields and search tips for this resource.
Advanced techniques in EMBASE (14 min)
Learn more about searching using Emtree, floating subheadings, and implementing specific limits such as clinical queries, MEDLINE, Publication types and conference materials.
Evidence Based Medicine Reviews (EBMR) (60 min)
Course will review of the unique structure of this database (including the Cochrane resources) and includes an overview of the specific limits, fields and search tips.
PsycInfo (30 min)
This class highlights the unique structure of this database and includes a detailed review of specific limits, fields and search tips for this resource.
Books@Ovid on Ovid (45 min)
Course includes a detailed demonstration of Browsing and Searching your eBooks, viewing Full Text, working with graphics, and linking to resources.
Journals@Ovid on Ovid (45 min)
This course provides a detailed demonstration of Browsing and Searching Your Journals or All Ovid Journals, viewing HTML & PDF Full Text, working with graphics, and linking to resources.
Power User/Administrator Courses
WebStats Introduction
This session guides you through WebStats and how to create customizable Ovid usage reports for your site on demand - both COUNTER compliant & expanded Ovid style. We also show how to download a current report or set up a schedule to automatically send them to you monthly.
Train The Trainer on Ovid (60min)
The Train the Trainer session offers direct interaction with an Ovid Trainer to help you prepare for your own internal training strategy. Such sessions are most effective when focused on your particular users and Ovid subscriptions, and are therefore offered upon request. Request a customized one-on-one Train-the-Trainer session.

Tutorials & Short Demos

Our self-running tutorials and demos provide users with brief, step-by-step overviews of the features and functionality of the Ovid platform. Topics covered include the Ovid search modes, personal accounts, my projects, customization options, searching specific content and more.

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Ovid Functionality Tutorials
Selecting a Search Modality  
Basic Search  
Advanced Search: Mapping  
Advanced Search: Keyword Searching  
Find Citation
Search Tools  
Search Fields  
Multi-Field Search  
Refining Search Strategy with Limits  
Managing Search Results  
Printing search results  
Emailing Search Results  
Export Search Results  
Downloading chapters from Books@Ovid  
My Account  
My Projects  
My Workspace - Saving Searches  
My Workspace - Alerts  
EBP PICOT Research on Ovid Part 1  
EBP PICOT Research on Ovid Part 2  
Author Identifiers in Ovid  
Edit Search History Tutorial  
Annotating Searches and Results  
Ovid® PV Tool  
Limit By Date  
Administration Tutorials
Tools & Services: PICO Resource Center  
Accessing Ovid Statistics: The Webstats Tool  
COUNTER 4 Statistics on Ovid  
COUNTER 5 Statistics on Ovid  
Creating an Ovid Stats Entitlement Report  
Downloading MARC records  
Links@Ovid - The Basics  
Ovid Linksolver  
Citation Analyzer Tool  
Widget Builder Tool  
Add JBI as a Search Provider (#596357694)  
Tools & Services: Search Filters  
Tools & Services: Widgets  
Creating Expert Searches on Ovid  
Resource Specific Tutorials
Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy  
AMED – Allied and Complementary Medicine Database  
American College of Radiology® Learning Products  
AudioDigest Platinum  
AudioDigest Platinum: Mobile App  
Bates’ Visual Guide to Physical Examination  
BIOSIS Previews  
CAB Abstracts  
Derwent Drug File  
EconLit on Ovid  
Embase Advanced Techniques  
Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Online Network (GIDEON)  
Introduction to GeoRef  
Introduction to Global Health on Ovid  
Introduction to ICONDA  
International Pharmaceutical Abstracts  
Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database  
Maternity and Infant Care  
MEDLINE Special Techniques  
Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print  
Multimedia on Ovid  
Northern Light Life Sciences Conference Abstracts Database  
OTA Online Trauma Access  
Ovid Emcare  
Ovid Nursing Database  
Petroleum Abstracts  
Visible Body 3D Human Anatomy  

User Guides & Additional Documentation on the Ovid Resource Center

Looking for Frequently Asked Questions, Quick Reference Guides, Factsheets, and more? Visit the Ovid Resource Center.

Additional material not found on the Resource Center:


Help your physicians work more efficiently and uncover the latest treatment options and drug therapies with OvidMD - the only clinically-focused tool backed by trusted, peer-reviewed content from Ovid and UpToDate®. When physicians need to know more, they can rely on OvidMD for quick answers based on clinically relevant content from Ovid. OvidMD is now available through a light version of the Ovid Discovery solution.

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OvidMD Training Sessions
OvidMD (8 min)
Learn how to use our flexible and modern OvidMD Medical Portal to get the right clinical answers quickly.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Visit the Resource Center for additional OvidMD training resources.


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  • = pre-recorded session
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OvidDiscovery Training Sessions
New content and training overview of OvidDiscovery

Can't find what you're looking for?

Visit the Resource Center for additional OvidDiscovery training resources.

Ovid Nursing Edge

Ovid Nursing Edge delivers a complete nursing solution to nurses during education and training, practice, administration and research via the Ovid Discovery interface. The collection includes the Ovid Emcare database, over 20 core nursing journals and over 100 nursing books published by LWW, including the Nursing Drug Handbook, all on the Ovid Discovery platform, offering a single-search platform for all nursing e-resources.

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  • = powerpoint
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Ovid Nursing Edge Training Sessions
Ovid Nursing Edge Overview (5 min)
Highlights the main platform functionalities and content of Ovid Nursing Edge.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Visit the Resource Center for additional Nursing@Ovid training resources.

Evidence - Based Practice Resources on Ovid

Brought to you in collaboration with the Joanna Briggs Institute

Help your institution implement evidence-based practice-complete with benchmarking. Develop standards and provide the highest quality of care with JBI evidence-based practice content and tools available on Ovid and Nursing@Ovid.

Better Evidence. Better Outcomes

  • = live session
  • = brainshark
EBP Database
Introduction to the Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database
Provides a detailed searching demonstration of this resource and includes information on the subject based nodes along with a review of the seven different publication types (including Best Practice Information Sheets, Evidence-Based Recommended Practices and Consumer Information Sheets) that can be used immediately to inform treatment and guide practice. Brainshark is 6 minutes, Webex is 30 minutes.
Introduction to the JBI Aged Care Database (6 min)
Provides a demonstration of this resource and includes information on the content of the aged care node, with a review of the seven different publication types in the database that may be used immediately to inform treatment and guide practice.
Research Tools
JBI TAP (Thematic Analysis Program) (4 min)
Support researchers in small-scale qualitative studies execution
Appraisal & Implementation Tools
JBI RAPID (Rapid Appraisal Protocol Internet Database) (4 min)
Learn how to critically appraise individual research papers using a standardized checklist.
JBI Journal Club (3 min)
Create your own journal club and keep up to date with the latest research in a social and relaxed environment while learning how to critically appraise research papers using a standardized checklist.
JBI SUMARI (System for the Unified Management of the Assessment and Review of Information) (5 min)
Develop, conduct and report on systematic reviews of multiple research papers.
Quality Improvement Tools
JBI PACES (Practical Application of Clinical Evidence System) (3 min)
Easily conduct efficient, time saving, evidence-based clinical audits and change practice.
Point of Care Tools
JBI Manual Builder (3 min)
Build an evidence-based clinical manual tailored to the information needs of your organization.
JBI Clinical Pamphlet Builder (2 min)
Assemble evidence-based information pamphlets for your patients/clients on a range of health topics.

Joanna Briggs Institute Education and Learning
The Joanna Briggs Institute offers a wide range of research and education services for health and educational organisations and for clinicians, managers, educators, academics and students from the fields of nursing, allied health, medicine, information science and the health sciences. A complete list of short courses is now available on

For a class nearest you, click below for classes held at one of JBI's Collaborating Centers. Please visit the JBI website for a full list of JBI collaborating centers.

Customized Training

Ovid provides customized online or onsite training programs suited to your needs. We can build training that is tailored to your organization's unique requirements. Working with one of our expert staff, you will be able to shape the training program for your situation. Contact the Ovid Training department to request training or more information on these skill building workshops.

Librarian Toolkit

The Librarian Toolkit provides librarians and information managers with handy customizable materials to help them promote Ovid e-resources at their institution.

Training Evaluations

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Formación en Español

Ovid tiene a disposición una variedad de recursos en formación para nuestros usuarios de habla hispana. Estos recursos son disponibles en varias formatos - Formación directa, Formación en formato video, PowerPoint y mucho más. Todos los cursos, videos y recursos mostrados en esta pagina son Gratuitos!

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  • = pre-recorded session
  • = flash
  • = powerpoint
  • = brainshark
Mi Espacio de Trabajo y Mis Proyectos
Profundizamos en la funcionalidad de Mi Espacio de Trabajo donde tenemos las funcionalidades de Mis Proyectos, Mis Búsquedas y Alertas y Mis eTOCS.
Revistas Electronicas en Ovid
Cientos de revistas médicas están disponibles en la plataforma Ovid, y este número sigue creciendo. Fácil de navegar, ofrecemos el mejor contenido electrónico en muchas especialidades.
Libros Electronicos en Ovid
Miles de libros de medicina están disponibles en la plataforma Ovid, y este número sigue creciendo. Fácil de navegar, ofrecemos el mejor contenido electrónico en muchas especialidades.
JBI Base De Datos PCBE
Conocer los nuevos contenidos del Instituto Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI), una de las organizaciones líderes mundiales en materia de práctica clínica basada en la evidencia (PCBE), ¡ahora en Ovid!
JBI Herramientas EBP
Conocer las nuevas herramientas del Instituto Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI), una de las organizaciones líderes mundiales en materia de práctica clínica basada en la evidencia (PCBE), ¡ahora en Ovid!
5 Minute Consult
Conocer la forma más sencilla, rápido y efectivo de acceder a diversas fuentes de diagnósticos para doctores en la práctica actual.
Acland's Atlas de Anatomía Humana
El video atlas integra más de 300 clips de video y audio de especímenes cadavéricos reales. Con acceso desde su computadora, teléfono inteligente o tableta
Bates Guía Visual para la Exploración Física
Reproducir más de 8 horas de contenido en video sobre la exploración física para estudiantes de medicina o bien para profesionales de la salud que requieren una revisión sobre historia clínica y exploración física.
CAB Abstracts
CAB Abstracts es la principal base de datos en las ciencias de la vida aplicadas. Citando revistas internacionales de agricultura, silvicultura, medicina veterinaria y disciplinas afines de las ciencias de la vida humana.
Visible Body
Visible Body es una herramienta que ofrece diferentes módulos interactivos de anatomía humana en 3D para la enseñanza y también la práctica clínica.
Evidence Based Medicine Reviews (EBMR)
Es un recurso que combina en la plataforma Ovid 7 bases de datos de diferentes fuentes de Medicina Basada en la Evidencia (MBE) entre ellos las revisiones sistemáticas del Cochrane.
Medline en Ovid
Ovid MEDLINE tiene paridad de contenido con MEDLINE a través de PubMed e incluye las referencias Epub Ahead of Print o referencias de publicaciones electrónicas antes de la impresión.
Ovid Emcare
Con más de 3,700 revistas indexados, Ovid Emcare es la referencia en enfermería para la práctica clínica y formación continuada.
LWW Health Library
Proporciona un único punto de acceso a los contenidos clínicos y educativos, así como recursos de multimedia para la enseñanza, el aprendizaje y la práctica.
Búsqueda Básica
Utiliza la Búsqueda básica con lenguaje natural para buscar rápidamente en los recursos de Ovid.
Búsqueda Avanzada
Utilice la Búsqueda avanzada para buscar en campos específicos y en el vocabulario controlado de la base de datos seleccionado.
La herramienta de VisualDx ayuda a médicos en el diagnóstico de condiciones dermatológicas.
La base de datos Inspec contiene más de 18 millones de registros bibliográficos de física, electrónica, informática e ingeniería. No tiene rival en su temática en el mercado actual de la información.
La base de datos ICONDA cubre la literatura técnica mundial relacionada con todos los aspectos de la planificación y la construcción.
Embase Introducción
EMBASE es un extensa base de datos bibliográfica que cubre todos los aspectos relacionados con la biomedicina. Es especialmente importante por la cobertura que tiene en el ámbito farmacológico.
Embase Avanzada
Destacamos las técnicas de búsqueda avanzada en EMBASE, además de las funcionalidades y herramientas disponibles en la plataforma Ovid.
La base de datos GeoRef del American Geological Institute cubre la literatura mundial sobre geología.
FSTA es la base de datos más importante del mundo por información en la ciencia y tecnología de los alimentos y la nutrición.
International Pharmaceutical Abstracts
La base de datos International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA) cubre la literatura relacionado con la ciencia farmacéutica.
Introducción a Nursing@Ovid
Videos que destacan las funcionalidades principales de la plataforma y contenido de Nursing@Ovid (N@O). Cómo funciona el tesauro temática de enfermería y cómo manejar los demás modos de búsqueda ofrecidos en N@O.
OvidMD - El camino más rápido a respuestas clínicas
OvidMD es el potente solución clínico de Wolters Kluwer para profesionales de la salud. Proporciona a los médicos respuestas rápidas a sus preguntas clínicas. Los médicos podrán ver los resultados de múltiples fuentes en solo un interfaz.
Ovid Español
La plataforma Ovid Español
Un video para demostrar a los usuarios como funciona la plataforma de Ovid Español. Un plataforma donde el usuario pueda; explorar, buscar y gestionar los resultados de contenido médico y de investigación de alta calidad en Español.
Ovid Discovery Service
Ovid Discovery
Ovid Discovery es la herramienta Ovid de descubrimiento especializada en contenido biomédico.

Formación a Medida

Ovid ofrece a los clientes formación a medida para ajustarse siempre a vuestras necesidades. Juntos con uno de nuestros formadores expertos, tendréis la opción de crear un curso online diseñado para vuestra institución y personal. Contactad con el Departamento de Formación Ovid para pedir más información.

¿No se encuentra lo que esta buscando?

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Formazione in Italiano

Ovid ha a disposizione una varietà di risorse di formazione per i nostri utenti che parlano Italiano. Queste risorse sono disponibili come; Formazione in diretta (con trainer), Formazione in formato video, PowerPoint e molto altro. Tutti i corsi, video e risorse mostrati nella pagina sono Gratis!

  • = formazione in diretta
  • = formazione in video
  • = powerpoint
  • = Brainshark
JBI Banca Dati EBP
Conoscere i nuovi contenuti del Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI), una delle aziende leader a livello mondiale nella pratica basata sull'evidenza (evidence-based practice, EBP), ora su Ovid.
JBI Strumenti EBP
Conoscere i nuovi strumenti del Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI), una delle aziende leader a livello mondiale nella pratica basata sull'evidenza (evidence-based practice, EBP), ora su Ovid.
Multimedia su Ovid
Video che mostra come cercare e accedere a milioni di immagini e video sulla piattaform Ovid.
CAB Abstracts su Ovid
Banca dati bibliografica di agricoltura, veterinaria e discipline collegate. Contiene oltre 8 milioni di registrazioni bibliografiche e abstracts provenienti da circa 11.000 periodici internazionali.
Visible Body
Contenuto di anatomia che include migliaia di modelli in 3D del corpo maschile e femminile. Utilizzato da operatori sanitari, pazienti e studenti.
Bates Visual Guide
Uno strumento di supporto che serve per fornire instruzioni e informazioni ai professionisti sanitari per il loro incontro con i pazienti.
Aclands Human Anatomy
Prodotto multimediale con contenuto focalizzato sull’apprendimento e sull’insegnamento dell’anatomia umana regionale in 3D. Visualizzazione di cadaveri reali senza alcuna manipolazione.
Ovid Medline
La più importante banca dati bibliografica biomedica, prodotta dalla National Library of Medicine (USA). Contiene più di 20 milioni di citazioni da oltre 5600 importanti riviste biomediche internazionali.
Evidence Based Medicine Reviews (EBMR)
Il database permette la ricerca combinata su 7 risorse di “medicina basata sull'evidenza” compresa anche la Cochrane, tutte accessibili dalla piattaforma Ovid.
Riviste Elettroniche Ovid
La piattaforma Ovid aggrega la versione elettronica di tutte le riviste di Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, oltre a numerosi titoli di altri editori. Comprende molti importanti riviste di ambito biomedico con un’ampia copertura multidisciplinare.
Libri Elettronici Ovid
La piattaforma Ovid aggrega la versione elettronica di tutti i libri di Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, oltre a numerosi titoli di altri editori. Comprende molti importanti volumi di ambito biomedico con un’ampia copertura multidisciplinare.
Ricerca di Base
La ricerca di base fa uso dell'elaborazione in linguaggio naturale per effettuare la ricerca veloce nelle risorse Ovid.
Ricerca Avanzata
La ricerca avanzata permette l’esecuzione delle ricerche utilizzando termini di vocabolari controllati o sintassi della riga di comando per una maggiore precisione.
Ovid Emcare
E’ stato realizzato per rispondere alla necessita’ di contenuti per il personale infermieristico nella pratica clinica e nella formazione continua.
E’ uno strumento di supporto clinico che aiuta i medici a diagnosticare sopratutto le patologie dermatologiche.
Banca dati che permette di accedere a oltre 100 full text di scienze psicologiche pubblicate dall'American Psychological Association.
Embase e le tecniche di ricerca avanzate su piattaforma Ovid
Tutorial relativo alle tecniche di ricerca avanzate per Embase su piattaforma Ovid.
Embase su piattaforma Ovid
Tutorial di introduzione alla banca dati Embase su piattaforma Ovid.
OvidMD – Il tool clinico di Ovid
OvidMD é il nostro tool di ricerca esclusivamente clinica che fornisce risultati rilevanti nel giro di 5-10 minuti.
Ovid Discovery Service
Ovid Discovery
Ovid Discovery e’ il discovery tool di Ovid disponibile in esclusiva per il mondo ospedaliero.

Formazione Personalizzata

Ovid offre ai suoi clienti formazioni personalizzate così, possiamo essere sempre flessibili alle vostre necessita. Insieme con uno dei nostri Trainer esperti avrete la possibilità di disegnare un corso online per la vostra istituzione. Contattare il nostro Dipartimento di Formazione Ovid ovidtrainer@ovid.comper ulteriori informazioni.

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Visiti il nostro Centro di Risorse per altre risorse di formazione.

Treinamento em Português

A Ovid tem disponível uma variedade de recursos de treinamento para nossos usuários de língua portuguesa. Esses recursos estão disponíveis em vários formatos - treinamento direto, treinamento em vídeo, PowerPoint e muito mais. Todos os cursos, vídeos e recursos mostrados nesta página são Grátis!

  • = Sessão ao vivo
  • = Sessão de pré-gravada
  • = Powerpoint
  • = Brainshark
Introdução Introdução à plataforma Ovid (90 min)
Um curso ideal para novos usuários da Ovid. O curso terá un enfoque especial nas características da inferface particular da Ovid assim como as diferenças entre os vários modos de pesquisa, e como visualizar os textos completos e gerenciar os resultados. Destacaremos o My Workspace (Minha Área de Trabalho), uma área pessoal onde o usuário pode organizar seus projetos de pesquisa. Também explica como salvar pesquisas, criar alertas, e como se cadastrar para receber resumos de revistas digitais. Os usuários são aconselhados a fazer este curso "Introdução à Ovid " antes de qualquer outro curso.
Minha Área de Trabalho e Meus Projetos (60 min)
Um curso para usuários já familiarizados com a interface Ovid. Nos aprofundamos nas funcionalidades do My Workspace (Minha Área de Trabalho) onde oferecemos as funções My Projects (Meus Projetos), My Searches and Alerts (Minhas Pesquisas e Alertas), e My eTOCS (Meus eTOCS).
eJournals - Periódicos Eletrônicos na Ovid (45 min)
Um curso para todos os tipos de usuários. Vamos ver como pesquisar e encontrar material científico utilizando palavras-chave, como exportar imagens para PowerPoint, consultar artigos em formato PDF ou HTML, e como ativar alertas automáticos via correio eletrônico ou RSS para qualquer revista e muito mais.
eBooks - Livros Digitais na Ovid (45 min)
Um curso para todos os tipos de usuários. Vamos ver como pesquisar em livros, utilizando diversas técnicas, tais como: busca rápida usando linguagem natural ( em Inglês) ou de busca com palavras-chave e pesquisa utilizando o índice do livro, e como tirar proveito das ferramentas para imprimir, enviar correios eletrônicos, salvar estratégias de pesquisa e referências a Meus Projetos para gerenciar os resultados.

Treinamento Personalizado

Ovid oferece aos clientes treinamento personalizado sempre atendendo às suas necessidades. Junto com um dos nossos instrutores especializados, você terá a opção de criar um curso on-line personalizado para a sua instituição e funcionários. Contate a Ovid através do correio eletrônico - Departamento de Treinamento - para solicitar mais informações.

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  • = brainshark
  • = 幻灯片
  • = 在线现场培训
  • = 课程视频
OvidSP 培训班
课程介绍并演示Ovid平台上的"我的课题"(My Projects)的功能-“我的课题”是一个用以存储、组织、与管理研究项目和文档的个人工作区,包括题录、全文、图片、链接等。
高级检索 (8 分钟)
自动定题通告 (5 分钟)
基本检索 (9 分钟)
Ovid平台的基本检索是自然语言检索,通过基本检索可以在最短的时间里找到最新发表的相关文献。基本检索的结果不仅包含Ovid平台上的文献,还可以检索到来自MedKnow和PubMed Central等开放访问的内容。基本检索提供包含相关词汇的功能,可以有效地扩大检索结果。基本检索的结果自动按相关度排序。利用结果工具,可以对检索结果按相关度、主题、作者、出版物类型等进行聚类。
全文期刊数据库使用 (12 分钟)
EBP 数据库
与乔安娜布里格斯合作推出 这些资源旨在帮助您的机构实现基于循证的医疗实践。通过Ovid平台访问和使用JBI循证实践的内容和工具,为您的机构制定标准、并提供最高品质的医疗护理服务。 更好的医疗证据。更好的治疗结果。
介绍乔安娜布里格斯研究院循证实践数据库 (Brainshark 6 分钟 | Webex 30 分钟)
JBI TAP (Thematic Analysis Program) (4 分钟) | 研究工具
JBI RAPID (Rapid Appraisal Protocol Internet Database) (4 分钟) | 评价与实现工具
JBI Journal Club (3 分钟) | 评价与实现工具
JBI SUMARI (System for the Unified Management of the Assessment and Review of Information) (5 分钟) | 评价与实现工具
JBI PACES (Practical Application of Clinical Evidence System) (3 分钟) | 质量改善工具
JBI Manual Builder (3 分钟) | 床旁照护工具
JBI Clinical Pamphlet Builder (2 分钟) | 床旁照护工具


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